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AiroMax HVAC Services Palmdale is the premier choice for residential and commercial heating and cooling solutions. Serving Palmdale California, we provide suitable solutions to ensure proper heating and cooling hence keeping you comfortable throughout the year. It is not a secret that functional AC or heating equipment will make you feel comfortable. However, these equipment require proper care and maintenance in order for them to provide you the needed comfort levels. At AiroMax HVAC Services, we have your back when it comes to the installation, repair, and maintenance of the HVAC equipment.
For the years that we have been in business, we have earned a positive reputation when it comes to providing qualified technical assistance on heating and cooling equipment. Get great HVAC Services Palmdale folks. Because we are ready, day and night.

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Our technicians are drawn from a pool of experienced professionals who have also undergone very high standards training equipping them with the skills required for servicing different AC and heating equipment. To schedule a service, talk to AiroMax HVAC Services through our telephone number (626) 741-0115.


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Thermostat Repair Services

The Ac thermostat is meant to provide convenience when using the AC. Therefore, you are able to keep the temperatures at the regulated level throughout. At AiroMax HVAC Services, our technicians come with years of experience helping you with thermostat repair services. We have the technical expertise required for repair of the older generation thermostats as well as the latest models.

Flame Sensor Repair

The flame sensor acts as a safety component and usually comes with the furnace. The flame sensor effectively detects and confirms whether the flame is burning inside the furnace. When there is no flame inside the furnace, the flame sensor goes off avoiding a potential gas leak. If the flame sensor is faulty, this functionality does not exist. Therefore, it is important that you talk to an expert for the flame sensor to be fixed. AiroMax HVAC Services provides professional flame sensor repair at a reasonable fee.

Heating Repair Services

At AiroMax HVAC Services, we are proud to offer professional heating solutions to our customers. We service, repair and install different heating equipment. At AiroMax HVAC Services, we have trained heating equipment repair professionals who serve our customers right. Therefore, if you find that, your room heater does not work well; AiroMax HVAC Services will be there to help you out. Just talk to our experts and we will be glad to assist you. We service different heater brands, providing our customers with the best services.

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Air Conditioner Repair and Installation Services

Are you experiencing problems with your AC? Do you need an expert to install the AC in your room? AiroMax HVAC Services provides you professional AC technicians serving Palmdale California. At AiroMax HVAC Services, we provide our customers with different solutions that will ensure your AC is fully functional. From early maintenance to professional repair, we have the most qualified technicians who will assist you. No one does AC repair and installation professionally like the technicians at AiroMax HVAC Services.

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Furnace Repair and Replacement Services

Out technicians, offer a combined experience and expertise helping residents of Palmdale in furnace repair and replacement. Therefore, if the furnace was installed years back and you require an upgrade, we shall deliver the best replacement service. At AiroMax HVAC Services, we are committed to ensuring that we provide our customers with solutions that will last for long. We keep you informed on what could be causing trouble on your furnace helping you through the regular maintenance. Therefore, talk to our experts when you require professional furnace repair and replacement services.

Air Duct Cleaning and Repair

The air ducts serve as the main conduit transferring clean air into your home. To ensure the air duct does not harbor allergens such as dust and dangerous smoke particles, it is advisable that you consult a professional for air duct cleaning. At AiroMax HVAC Services, we have been providing air duct cleaning and repair for decades. We have the experience and the technical know-how required to ensure proper air duct cleaning and repair. Ensuring that your air duct is clean and functioning properly is one of the things that homeowners need to take responsibility for. A dirty air duct could end up causing respiratory infections to the family members. To avoid such cases, it is advisable that you consult an expert for air duct cleaning. If the air duct requires a replacement, only work with the professionals.

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